Lowriders 'Beatitude' Comp.

by Xavier Mcdaniel



Released on the Lowriders Collective ltd. cassette/digital compilation 'Beatitude' in October 2011. ( cs ed. of 150 )

Sorry, no free DL on this one bc the label still has it for sale. Please support Lowriders Collective lowridersrecordings.bandcamp.com/track/xavier-mcdaniel-some-vanilla-bullshit


From Lowriders:
"Adventurous as we want to be with Lowriders we strive to take it a step further with our first compiler: Beatitude.
Beatitude is the first in a series of 5 compilers which will reflect the diversity of our interest in music. It's hard to define for us what kind of label we are because our taste in music is so diverse we can not and will not pin ourselves down to be that label. It also reflects the time in which we’re living and the artists we're influenced by but also by the people meet, our followers, our friends!
Sometimes Beatitude is skewed as a hoop and mad and scary, sometimes funky as hell, sometimesit goes deep into the soul, but always with a special groove! The artists selected seem to have selected to achieve this and created a beatitude.
This exciting collection of music that moves in between electronic, hip-hop kinda post-Dilla, Skweee, glitch-house, 8bit and gives an idea what's going on inbetween the scenes all over the world, without getting bored with the usual suspects.
Beatitude treats you on an exciting mix with some familiar names and names which we will hear more from sooooon!
released 30 October 2011
mastered by Miguel Gil Tertre (Strand) strandedsound.com
design by Gees Voorhees



released October 30, 2011

Produced by: Xavier Mcdaniel // @Xavier_Mcdaniel




all rights reserved


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